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Improved reading experience

I bought an ereader late last year and it has completely changed my reading habits. (A Kobo Aura H2O.) Sure. Paper books smell great, and I still read them. However, reading on eInk enables a totally different experience. A better experience? Not on all fronts. Because, let’s be honest: ereaders are horrible, dumb, ugly things. […]

Blogging again

I’m blogging again, I guess! Stopped in 2016, and looking back, it’s clear why. In 2016 my wife gave birth to our first child. I also found a job right around week 7 😉, switching to a new role in a new industry. The learning curve since then has only been getting steeper. It’s 2021. […]

Week 7 2016

A little Phil Hartman to get you in the mood Following Niels ‘t Hooft’s example, I thought I’d start reviewing my week in public. I already review my week in private, but those thoughts aren’t fit to print, so to say. Reading Here’s my past week in a list of online articles: Gravitational waves were all over […]

Watch ‘The Big Short’, then read ‘Being Wrong’

Last week we went to see The Big Short (Adam McKay), about a group of outsiders who find a way to profit off what they accurately predict to be the housing bubble of 2007. For a Hollywood production, ‘The Big Short’ tells its story in a strange way. Big names like Ryan Gosling and Steve Carrell routinely break the fourth […]

First short story in a long time: ‘GLAN party’

I spent December 2016 writing ‘GLAN party’, my first short story in a long, long time. It’s about a LAN party in the future. The story is in English, and though it’s not entirely done yet (I’m waiting for reactions from some critical readers and I might still edit a bit), you can read ‘GLAN […]

Data, learnings, $$$

Best thing from the Facebook Instant Articles story, for me, was that I discovered this interview with BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti, from re/code. In it, Peretti explains how the company thinks about online publishing and making money. (Which BuzzFeed does: the company was valued at $850 million, based on earnings of around $120 million for […]