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Sprint update 16/8 – 29/8 2021

Leadership Had another really great intervision session. Intervision is a training technique where you and fellow trainees reflect on leadership, or whatever your training is about, in your day-to-day work, and how the course is changing your approach. The intervision sessions have been really good, because one of the participants has been really struggling with […]

Sprint update 1/8 – 15/8 2021

This was a full-on vacation sprint, so I purposely put little thought and effort into my Leadership and PMI certification goals.  I did put a lot of thought into blogging, though. Especially the Recommended Reading posts I used to post here. I realized writing those little summaries that accompanied each link was time spent not […]

Recommended reading 1/8 – 7/8 2021

Operation Fox Hunt: How China Exports Repression Using A Network Of Spies Hidden In Plain Sight – China has a program where they send their own law enforcement officials to other countries, usually undercover, to extract wanted Chinese refugees. The officials also recruit local Chinese immigrants to aid them.  Reinventing the Transformative Vision Of America […]

Sprint update 17/7- 31/7 2021

Leadership During this sprint, I really started to come to grips with the ‘connection’ thing my book is pushing on me. For my leadership course, I’m reading Frans Wilms’ ‘Groeien in Leiderschap’ (Growing in Leadership). The message basically boils down to: stop trying to lead people, or worse, managing them. Instead, just listen to them. […]

Recommended reading 24/7 – 31/7 2021

Why Russians Do Not Smile – Cultural differences between people are so… Interesting. The Netherlands is a small country. Yet during a trip to my home town recently, on the other side of the country from where I live now, I found myself thinking about this article constantly. It’s a two-hour drive, but people do […]

Recommended reading 19/7-23/7 2021

This week’s Recommended Reading starts with a nice homely about social media addiction; sees the Internet consuming a developing nation and a government fighting back; urges us to negotiate peace with the Internet; laments the Internet’s co-conspiring to commoditize community; and ends with gut-wrenching intimacy from a time without wifi. You Really Need To Quit […]

Sprint update 3/7 – 16/7 2021

I post these biweekly updates to share my progress towards my goals. For context, read this Leadership  Had a really challenging and open conversation with 2 of my fellow students about what we were struggling with in our day jobs from a leadership perspective. Learned a lot!  Apart from that, we were asked to consciously […]

Q3 Goals – or: why these sprint updates?

This post is a short explainer to accompany the sprint updates that I’m posting every 2 weeks.  I have 3 goals for Q3, which I explain below. I work towards achieving these goals in 2-week sprints, because enough can happen in 2 weeks that it pays to reflect on it. At the end of each […]

Recommended Reading 3/7-17/7 2021

A weekly compendium of the best articles I read online (plus an update on books in progress).  How to Have Difficult Conversations – Shared far and wide already. Excellent exploration of the difference between thoughtful discussions and, on the other end of the spectrum, social media and cable news, which tend to pretend to be […]

Recommended reading July 2-9 2021

Dropbox is reopening its offices — but they’re not offices anymore – What Dropbox is worried about: If important work only happens in the office, what about all the people working from home? Queer readings of The Lord of the Rings are not accidents – Are Sam and Frodo gay? Yes. How To Be Successful […]