Sprint update 1/8 – 15/8 2021

This was a full-on vacation sprint, so I purposely put little thought and effort into my Leadership and PMI certification goals. 

I did put a lot of thought into blogging, though. Especially the Recommended Reading posts I used to post here. I realized writing those little summaries that accompanied each link was time spent not writing actual blog posts. And I was always in a rush when I wrote them, so I ended up not being very happy with them. Half-assing what amounts to being a distraction is not how I want to spend my time. So I decided to stop posting them, in spite of the nice comments I got from some people (thanks for that!). Rest assured that writing actual blog posts will be one of my Q4 activities. 


Thursday: 5km, 2/2/12/2/12

Sunday: 7.7km, 2/2/12/2/12/2/12 

Tuesday: 5.5km, 2/2/12/2/14

Sunday: 6.7km, 2/2/10/2/10/2/10

Books in progress: 

  • Laura Vanderkam, 168 hours: You Have More Time Than You Think:  A week has 168 hours. Are you spending your hours the way you want to? Probably not. This book gives you some tips on how to live more intentionally. Which is supposed to make you happier. Thinking about writing a blog post about this, and the other book I’m reading next: Work Won’t Love You Back, which I suspect will be the antithese to 168 Hours
  • (Finished) Frans Wilms, Groeien in Leiderschap: homework for the Leading Others course I’m participating in. I tend to be very task-oriented, and Wilms makes clear how to change that behavior, and why you should.
  • (Finished) L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Something to read before bed time. Fun to read the source material for so many movies and comics, and actually not half bad in its own right.