Recommended reading 1/8 – 7/8 2021

Operation Fox Hunt: How China Exports Repression Using A Network Of Spies Hidden In Plain Sight – China has a program where they send their own law enforcement officials to other countries, usually undercover, to extract wanted Chinese refugees. The officials also recruit local Chinese immigrants to aid them. 

Reinventing the Transformative Vision Of America In Nabokobvs Cross-Country Chronicles – A gay Asian American lepidopterist follows my favorite author’s travels across his adopted home country, catching butterflies and thinking about America.   

The Masochist’s Marathon – I probably will never run a marathon. I’m into walking a bit, but I’m no fanatic. I imagine that’s how marathon runners feel about ultrarunners, people who run multiple marathons on one day. Or worse, multiple marathons over multiple days. Darn fanatics. … And then there are people who run the Barkley Marathons. 

I Didn’t Want To Deny My Husband His Marital Rights – ‘[Christie, an evangelical Christian, had] grown up believing if she was modest and remained a virgin until marriage and followed all the teachings she learned in youth group, then her marriage would be blessed. “I had to reconcile that expectation with reality,” Christy says.’

Suspendend Hell – Some days, I’d like to be good at Twitter, but then again: what would you be good at, really? Feeling anxious about the news and shouting at strangers. So for my health’s sake, I just read people’s reflections on how Twitter is destroying their life. I can’t recommend it enough.