Sprint update 3/7 – 16/7 2021

I post these biweekly updates to share my progress towards my goals. For context, read this


Had a really challenging and open conversation with 2 of my fellow students about what we were struggling with in our day jobs from a leadership perspective. Learned a lot! 

Apart from that, we were asked to consciously incorporate Brenee Brown’s BRAVING into our leadership behavior. 

BRAVING is Brown’s acronym to help remember the behaviors that build trust. Being a leader requires people to trust you, so this is obviously an important framework to understand and master.

Boundaries – we respect each other’s boundaries, and when we don’t know them, we ask. 

Reliability – you do what you say you’ll do. 

Accountability – I own my mistakes. 

Vault – information and experiences that aren’t yours to share, you don’t share. 

Integrity – choosing courage over comfort.

Non-judgment – we can ask for what we need without judgment.

Generosity – you assume the best about other people’s intentions.

I like to think Reliability comes easy to me (you do what you say you do), as Getting Things Done rules my life. And setting Boundaries is something that’s more at the forefront now that I understand how important that is for leaders. It’s not just about personal boundaries, it’s also about creating clarity about expectations. 

Currently, the challenge for me is mostly in Integrity, which Brown summarizes as ‘choosing courage over comfort’. I don’t mean I’m lazy or anything. But learning these new behaviors and using them in everyday work still feels a bit unnatural and silly. And it requires constant work and attention to keep them in my thoughts and my work. 


Monday: 5,29km, 2/2/7/2/7/2/7/1

Wednesday: 4,84km, 2/2/7/2/7/2/7/1

Sunday: 5,71 km, 2/2/9/2/9/2/9/1

Wednesday: 6,61 km, 2/2/11/2/9/2/9/1

Saturday: didn’t run for reasons

PMI course

It’s still early days. (The PMBOK is one thick brick.) This sprint, we continued to explore the different Knowledge Areas and Project Processes. Think of them as phases and activities. Some activities you do continuously throughout a project, some of them only during one specific phase.