Recommended reading 24/7 – 31/7 2021

Why Russians Do Not Smile – Cultural differences between people are so… Interesting. The Netherlands is a small country. Yet during a trip to my home town recently, on the other side of the country from where I live now, I found myself thinking about this article constantly. It’s a two-hour drive, but people do things so differently there. 

She became a cam girl. Then her face morphed – An Instagram model digitally changed her appearance on her posts: she now always looks like an under-age Disney princess with bedroom eyes. Likes per post skyrocketed. Who is wrong here?  

We Should Explore Alternatives To The Standard Model of Cosmology – You’ve probably heard about dark matter, that stuff in the universe that’s supposed to explain why the universe is expanding ever-faster. Scientists assure us it’s there, they just haven’t been able to measure it yet. – Now, you know how science works. If there are other theories (and there are always alternative theories), surely the reason scientists cling to the Standard Model is because it’s better at predicting experiments’ outcomes, right? If you think that, maybe you don’t know science as well as you think you do. Crack open some Feyerabend and drink up! 

We’re All Paying For Someone Else’s 4-Hour Work Week – The Tim Ferris club house gets burned to the ground in this very angry, very funny piece that demands more from all of us.