Q3 Goals – or: why these sprint updates?

This post is a short explainer to accompany the sprint updates that I’m posting every 2 weeks. 

I have 3 goals for Q3, which I explain below. I work towards achieving these goals in 2-week sprints, because enough can happen in 2 weeks that it pays to reflect on it. At the end of each sprint, I share my results and some reflections in a biweekly update. It should all culminate in a victorious update at the start of Q4. 

My goals for Q3 

Going up for PMI Professional certification

I’m spending 4-6 hours each sprint studying the PMI’s PMBOK guide (describing the different aspects of project management in great detail) so that I can go up for the official PMI exam it in late September, early October. I had hoped to finish studying for this in Q2, but personal matters took priority. 


Impala Studios offered me a leadership course, called ‘Leading Others’. My goal is actually more of a PACT: spend at least 4 hours each sprint on it, in discussions with fellow trainees, reflecting on my behavior, reading books, and participating in online challenges.  


I’m training for the 10k run, at the Halve van Haarlem marathon event, September 25. Of course, it’s doubtful this event will happen, given recent developments. Yet I still strive to reach this goal, cause it helps me to stay active. In April, I reached my goal of running 5k, but between then and end of June, I hurt my foot and had lots of other reasons to run less.